Payment cards and related insurance

There are a whole range of credit cards depending on the profile and each offers different insurance, assistance and benefits, whether you are a great adventurer, regularly on a business trip, a luxury buff or a shopaholic.

This includes travel insurance, repatriation insurance and travel assistance. To find out which card best suits your situation, please consult our online payment guide: choose the right credit card according to your profile.

What is the use of good travel insurance?

What is the use of good travel insurance?

Life too often reserves hazards with financial consequences that may be more or less important. Having good insurance is essential, although it does not solve everything.

In addition to car, home, civil liability, life and other insurance, you can benefit from it via your credit card. But offers depend on financial institutions and vary from one card to another.

Therefore, you can, according to yours, enjoy insurance related to the worlds of travel and shopping. Thanks to this, whether you book your holiday or pay for your purchases using your credit card, you are insured and benefit from some of these travel assistance insurance, such as repatriation insurance.

Who benefits from travel insurance and how?

Who benefits from travel insurance and how?

To take advantage of credit card insurance, you must be the owner. On the other hand, they also cover the members of your family, namely your partner and your children if you have them. In most cases, however, the latter must be at least 25 years old and still live under your roof (ie be domiciled in Belgium).

In order to operate your insurance or assistance in the event of a problem, insurance companies generally require that travel or purchases be totally (100%) or in part (ie at least 50%, but depending on the organization) paid using the credit card . It is not uncommon for them to charge a deductible to customers requiring compensation.

Insurance and assistance “travel”

Insurance and assistance "travel"

Do you love traveling or planning to take a few days off in the near future to go abroad, whether in Europe or in the rest of the world? And know that depending on the type of credit card you have, you already benefit from travel insurance assistance. In order to avoid taking out additional insurance and assistance, having duplicates and spending money unnecessarily, check with your bank about those included in your credit card. Indeed, many of them, for example, include repatriation insurance.

There is a whole range of credit cards related to the world of travel and including insurance and assistance very useful when you go abroad. To have one, you will have to pay an annual subscription between 24 € and 570 €. Note, however, that the cards correspond to different expense profiles and that the related offers are defined according to these profiles. It is therefore imperative to thoroughly study all the terms and ask yourself the right questions before choosing yours. There are indeed different types of travel insurance.

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