Taking out a balance insurance policy online

Looking for the cheapest debt balance insurance? Then you go for the online approach! In a Honest you performed a simulation, compared various debt balance insurers and requested a quote.

Even ‘internet dummies’ have nothing to fear, because applying for your debt balance insurance online is a piece of cake. Discover how it works here.

Everything starts with an online comparison


As with every product, you as a consumer have everything to gain from a thorough comparison. That way you can be sure that you are dragging out the cheapest and best debt balance insurance. For an objective comparison, do a simulation on the websites of the debt balance insurers or on an independent comparison site:

  • if you took out the debt balance insurance before your 65th birthday .
  • If you perform a simulation at comparison sites such as mefirst or Immoweb (under ‘Insure your mortgage credit’ in the ads) you can calculate and compare prices at different debt balance insurers at the same time.
  • When you compare debt balance insurance on the website of the insurer , you get insight into the specific variables (eg smoking behavior) that play a role in the calculation of your debt balance insurance.

Debt balance insurance


At Good Credit you can reliably and quickly simulate an online debt balance insurance.

  • Enter your profile (date of birth, gender, smoker or non-smoker) and the details of your loan (borrowed capital, duration, annual real interest rate).
  • Then click on ‘ Calculate your premium ‘ and you will immediately see what you pay with an annual premium or a one-off premium!

Request the quote for your debt balance insurance online


In addition to a simulation on a comparison site, we recommend that you also perform a simulation on the insurer’s website. Are you convinced that a Good Credit debt balance insurance policy suits you best? Then you just have to click on ‘Request your quote’ for a customized offer. Our experts will contact you as soon as possible!

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