What is Travel Insurance? What are the guarantees?

Travel insurance is a kind of insurance that protects you in unfortunate situations such as illness, accident, loss of luggage that you may encounter in your domestic or international travels.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Before you get travel insurance, it is recommended that you clearly identify the geography you plan to take a holiday with, the dates on which your holiday will begin and end, and the number of people going on vacation. In addition, if the collateral limit is selected, you must specify your preferred limit and the currency you will pay.

When you plan this preliminary stage correctly, you will be able to spend your holiday in a safe and secure way by determining your insurance policy to meet your needs. When deciding on travel insurance, it is useful to make a decision by examining and learning the guarantees in detail. When deciding on a policy that suits your budget and your needs, always consider that collaterals vary by company. At this stage, it is important that you find answers and questions about the scope of travel insurance.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

We would also like to inform you about the scope of travel insurance. Travel insurance guarantees and limits are dynamic and vary from company to company. What does travel insurance cover? will vary from company to company. In order to give the general answer to this question, let’s talk about the guarantees.


Travel Insurance Coverage

Travel Insurance Coverage


Accidental Death

This covers the risk of death of the insured person in the event of an accident. In the event that this guarantee is taken under the insurance, the insured person shall be compensated under the policy limits.


Accident Permanent Injury

In case the insured person becomes permanently disabled completely or partially as a result of an accident, compensation shall be paid to the person depending on the degree of disability according to the limits specified in the policy.

In case of illness or injury during the holiday, the costs of transfer to the required medical center:

In case of illness or injury of the insured person, ambulance expenses and companion doctor expenses are covered for transportation to an appropriate health institution.

In case of damage that may occur in the house of the insured person while on holiday, the costs of return to the house, theft of the house during the insured holiday, forced doors or windows, fire and so on. In this case, it is considered to cover the damages that will arise in case it becomes impossible to live, and also to cover the expenses of the insured’s return in such cases.

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