When does the accident insurance pay off?

There is no universal answer to this question. If I make it easier, the accident insurance is worthwhile if you suffer damage to the vehicle in the future. On the contrary, it is not worthwhile if the damage does not occur.

But if you do not own a crystal ball, it always pays off. Many people say they don’t need car insurance. They believe that nothing will happen.

Faith is strong, but it does not pay for the damage you suffer. When an accident happens, it’s too late. Then you can say that you have saved a few hundred euros for insurance and converted a few thousand euros into damage.

You mainly cover damage to your vehicle

You mainly cover damage to your vehicle

If you have caused a traffic accident, the injured party will pay the damage from the UGS. And what you? Who will pay for the damage to your vehicle? You must pay for your own money if you have one. And that can really hurt.

A closed accident insurance will help in such situations. Then you cover yourself, respectively. damage caused to your vehicle . Vehicle repair costs can rise to dizzying heights. With high-quality accident insurance, you can easily handle them.

In the case of accident insurance, you can also meet the name of Kasko Insurance in some insurance companies. The word kasko probably comes from the English term Casco.

What risks cover accident insurance

What risks cover accident insurance

  • Damage or destruction of a vehicle in a traffic accident or incident
  • Theft of a vehicle or its parts (car radios, wheels, aluminum discs, etc.)
  • Damage to the vehicle due to natural disaster (fall of a tree, flood, fire, hail, storm, earthquake, etc.)
  • Damage caused by vandalism, burglary or robbery
  • Windscreen damage
  • Other supplementary insurance – accidents and lasting consequences of a road accident, luggage insurance and legal expenses insurance

Not all accident insurance covers all insurance risks. Somewhere insurance is sold in parcels and somewhere you have the option to choose from individual insurance risks.

Advantages of accident insurance

Advantages of accident insurance

Accident insurance, except in case of an accident, you will appreciate in situations when the perpetrator is unknown . I’ve already experienced it on my own. I was returning from fishing and I didn’t want to believe my eyes when I came back to my car. Someone swept the parked car so cleverly that I had something to do to believe it was my car.

Obviously, the driver who pulled me into the car didn’t even want to leave me in touch. So no fulfillment from UGS. I had nothing else to do but to repair the car at my own expense;

An undeniable advantage is also the possibility to choose from what you want to fulfill – PZP or accident insurance. In the case of UGS, filling may not be sufficient for the entire repair.

If you decide to take out the accident insurance, you can usually handle the repair from the accident insurance. The co-payment you pay for accident insurance will be reimbursed to you with the UGS funds.

I recommend to have a closed accident insurance always. The only exception is older vehicles with a very high purchase price, where premiums are relatively high and you can easily get into total damage.

Several insurance companies do not take out insurance for vehicles older than 10 years. If they take them into the insurance, they do so under less favorable conditions in specialized products for older vehicles. But in the case of partial damage, it is always beneficial for the vehicle owner.


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